Premier Research Labs (PRL) is the parent company of Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL). QNL was founded to deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness by providing 100% non-toxic and effective products. In fact, PRL/QNL has achieved an industry first in creating premier nutritional products based on quantum cellular resonance technology. Their products are free of undesirable chemical tag-alongs and are designed to deliver the very best quality to their customers.

A nutritional supplement designed to support each gland or tissue in the body should ideally contain a cellular resonant formulation that matches cell resonance. If natural-source nutrients are of premier quality then the cell may be able to absorb both physical nutrients as well as the nutrient’s resonant frequencies, allowing the cell to function at its optimal frequency.

Who was Dr. Marshall?

Dr. Marshall, PhD. was the co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs and the host of "HealthLine Now". In rebroadcasts of this popular program, listen as he answers callers' health-related questions and helps listeners achieve their best health. 

Dr. Marshall was a clinical nutritionist whose concepts were before his time. He believed that the secrets of optimal health and restoration lie not within costly treatments or procedures, but in the body’s own theorized energy field – the Quantum Energy Biofield. Using these concepts, Dr. Marshall touched the lives of countless clients throughout the globe with his effective and insightful applications; rapidly inducing, what he liked to call, The Quantum Nutrition Effect. As a result, Dr. Marshall was recognized as one of the foremost authorities in integrative medicine and considered by his peers to be one of the preeminent clinical nutritionists of his time.


His remarkable body of research and his revolutionary assessment approach – Quantum Reflex Analysis – is still taught worldwide through clinical seminars around the globe. Motivated with a passion for uncompromised research, Dr. Marshall led the way with a new paradigm of the most progressive technologies, innovations and strategies for Quantum Health.


Dr. Marshall earned a CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist) certification from IAACN (International and American Association of Clinical Nutrtionist) as well as a DACBN certification (Diplomate, American Clinic board of Nutrition). Previously, he earned degrees from the University of Dayton, Purdue University and Columbia Pacific University and attended many advanced seminars in the field of nutritional science. He was past President of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionist and a past memberof the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He regularly taught professional nutritional seminars in the U.S. and has been a guest speaker at other professional seminars as well as on television and other radio shows.

QNL Supplements available on our site include: NucleopTide Complex, CoQ10, Adrenal Support, Bladder Support, Thyroid Support, Liver Support & Chlorella, and more!

NucleoTide Complex / NucleoImmune - 60 Capsules

Top immune support recommended by PRL/QNL.


Quantum-State Immune and Protein Synthesis Support.

Key immune support & antimicrobial formula:

  • Contains nucleotides.

  • Promotes immune system health, as well as, protein synthesis, cellular vitality, beneficial intestinal flora, and healthy energy levels.

  • Antimicrobial: can be taken at first sign of a cold.


Quantum Nucleotide Complex is a key immune support formula, featuring nucleotides (the basis for all cellular structure). This product promotes immune system health as well as protein synthesis, cellular vitality, beneficial intestinal flora and healthy energy levels.

Within this comprehensive formula, Nucleo-Pro™ provides quantum quality mixed nucleotides with AMP (adenosine), CMP (cytidine), GMP (guanosine) and UMP (uridine). Nucleo-Pro Matrix™ delivers a broad spectrum of biocompatible botanical agents and enzymes for optimal nutritional support.

NucleoImmune Brochure

Check out PRL's Video About NucleoTide / NucleoImmune

CoQ10 - 50 Capsules

Quantum Heart, Nerve, Brain and Immune Support

  • Live-Source, Fermented CoQ-10 (100 mg; Trans Isomer Form).

  • The Preferred Lipid-Soluble Form.

  • Red Algae ingredient supports the immune system, is an antioxidant and is a great adjuvant in the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs), which is why we selected this brand for our customers. 


QNL recommends Quantum CoQ-10 (natural ubiquinone) as the wise product of choice when selecting your CoQ-10 dietary supplement. Our CoQ-10 is produced through a natural fermentation process which yields 100 mg/capsule of the highly bioavailable, preferred trans isomeric form of CoQ-10. QNL process does not use polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier made from polyethoxylated sorbitan), undesirable flowing agents or other excipients. The natural trans-isomer of CoQ-10 is the most desirable because it is identical to the CoQ-10 produced by all cells in the body. CoQ-10 is found in the highest concentrations in tissues with the highest rate of metabolic activity and energy demands (such as in the heart, muscle, liver, kidney and brain).

CoQ10 Brochure

Check out PRL's Video About CoQ10

Adrenal Support - 60 Capsules

Dramatic Support for the Adrenals!

  • Fermented Cordyceps sinensis

  • Pure Vegan

  • Purity Verified

  • Phyto-forensic screened for adulterants


Adrenal Support is a premier quality, nutraceutical formula designed to support healthy adrenal glands.  It is a synergistic blend of super phytonutrients and adaptogenic herbs to support and strengthen the adrenal glands like no other formula!  It incorporates the latest Chinese research and the most recent clinical findings producing the super potent cordyceps formula, Adrenal Support. 


The adrenal glands are a key organ system for managing fluid balance, regulating stress and providing sustained energy throughout the day.  The adrenals help you sail through the negative effects of stress, including emotional, mental and physical stress, and they fight fatigue and muscular weakness. 

Adrenal Support Brochure

Bladder Support - 60 Capsules

Quantum Bladder Support provides a powerful, broad-spectrum formula that features two key botanical-blends: Bladder Multi-Blend™ and Pro-Cleanse™ for optimal nutritional support of the bladder, including the urinary tract.

Thyroid Support - 60 Capsules

Quantum Thyroid Support is a quantum-state nutraceutical formula that provides quantum-state detoxification support and comprehensive nourishment for healthy thyroid function. This product also features naturally occurring iodine, a mineral that is important to optimal thyroid function.

Liver Support (HeptoVen) - 60 Capsules

Superior Liver Support with Milk Thistle Seed and Artichoke Leaf.

Silymarin: Milk Thistle’s Secret Weapon. 

Features two key botanical blends: Liver Pro Blend™ and Detox Synergy Support™.

Quantum Liver Support is a key, broad spectrum nutraceutical formula promoting optimal liver health. This comprehensive, multi-botanical formula features the highly regarded milk thistle plant, a flowering herb that produces seeds which contain silymarin. As a key phytochemical, silymarin has been extensively studied for its inflammatory support and antioxidant-like properties. Quantum Liver Support packs a powerful punch with 510 mg of milk thistle extract per daily serving.

  • Promotes healthy liver function.

  • Cysteine availability for the proper biosynthesis of glutathione.

  • Necessary antioxidant defense at the liver to promote ideal cell membrane health.


Liver Support / Hepto-Ven Brochure


Chlorella - 90 Capsules

Quantum Chlorella features organic chlorella (broken cell wall), grown in fresh water (not in dark vats with tap water). This famous, ancient Super Nutrient was treasured by many cultures for centuries for optimal health and detox. Provides great immune support. 


Quantum Chlorella contains organic chlorella without other undesirable additives. The patented Broken Cell Wall Process is used for superior absorption of chlorella’s broad nutrient profile.