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Dr. George Grant, Academy of Wellness

West Coast Mint's D-Mannose is a natural and pure supplement, which I highly recommend for anyone prone to UTIs. We have great results with our patients. Thanks WCM.

Lily L., WCM Customer

I have boasted how amazing this D-Mannose is since I haven't gotten any UTIs. I also gave out some sample baggies to two of my friends with recurring UTIs and they've been stable on it!

Rebecca S., WCM Customer

Before trying WCM's D-Mannose I used to attempt to manage perpetual, mild to moderate UTI symptoms by experimenting with various cranberry products. Ultimately, the symptoms would always worsen and an antibiotic prescription would regularly be needed. Now, I’m happily taking this high quality D-Mannose powder regularly to prevent UTIs, and the discomfort that comes with them, altogether. It has no detectable flavor, so it’s an easy, natural addition to my morning routine in a glass of water.

Jennifer L., WCM Customer

I have had recurring UTIs for many years and it's been a frustrating battle to try and figure out the causes of them and how to avoid future infections. Even while doing everything my doctor recommended, I was still having recurring infections. A close friend told me about WCM's D-Mannose and their website for helpful information to become healthier and minimize the chances of future urinary issues and what a blessing it has been!

Ashley D., WCM Customer

Sometimes cranberry juice just doesn't cut it. I was introduced to D-mannose by  the West Coast Mint team and, honestly, I don't think I'll ever go back to cranberry juice fixes. D-mannose is a natural supplement that helps my body naturally prevent UTIs. I've recommended this D-Mannose to many friends and they've all been thrilled with the results. 

Hala A., WCM Customer

I've been really pleased with this D-mannose powder; I love that it's non-gmo, sourced in Ireland and packaged in the U.S. so I don't need to worry about quality control. I mainly take it as a preventative supplement, especially when I'm traveling, camping, or know I'm going to be active. I just mix a scoop of powder with some water and go about my day. 

Dr. Marc Sklar, Clinical Director & Founder, Reproductive Wellness

West Coast Mint's D-Mannose is hands down the best on the market.  I have seen great results when I use this with my patients.  The biggest factor for me is quality and this company gives me peace of mind as they are diligent with their sourcing and do not compromise.

Madison A., WCM Customer

It’s so refreshing to finally have a trusted product out there that supports healthy bladders in a natural, healthy and holistic way.

Lisa Klinker, Dynamic Health Associates

As a health consultant and educator I highly recommend West Coast Mint’s D-Mannose. If you want results this is the product to use. Get the quality and true ingredient of D-Mannose from WCM

Stephanie D., WCM Customer

I am so glad I tried West Coast Mint's D-Mannose! I was prone to reoccurring 

UTIs and my doctor wanted to put me on a daily antibiotic to prevent them. This D-Mannose  supplement works great at preventing them naturally! I am so grateful I found something that works so well and I trust this brand because of their attention to detail and quality.

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