In the last 50 years, an enormous amount of research has been published all over the world to confirm the many beneficial properties of garlic and the components that are generated when garlic is cut, crushed, cooked or processed.


What Is Allicin?

When fresh garlic is cut or crushed, a sulfur compound, alliin (alli-een) combines with an enzyme, alliinase and a chemical reaction starts. The first compound that is formed is allicin.


Unfortunately, allicin generated from fresh garlic is very unstable and quickly changes into a series of other sulfur-containing compounds, known as thiol sulphinates. Allicin is the one compound that is always described as the "mother" substance and responsible in total or in part for many of the properties attributable to garlic!


How Is AlliMax Made?

AlliMax is made in the same way that allicin from fresh garlic is formed but a special flood reaction system using only water is able to produce large quantities of stable allicin. The liquid is then carefully dried, under controlled conditions, to maintain its potency. This sophisticated refinement process has for the first time allowed us to capture garlic's active component and deliver it directly to where your body needs it. 

How Does AlliMax Differ From Other Garlic Supplements? 

Most other garlic supplements do not contain ANY allicin. They rely on your body being able to generate allicin once you have swallowed the tablet or capsule. Garlic oil supplements are produced by distilling fresh garlic, the oil that is produced is then diluted and placed into a capsule. This destroys most, if not all of the available allicin. A few garlic powder supplements can generate some allicin but this depends on the prevailing stomach conditions and may take several hours to accomplish conversion to allicin. New ALLIMAX doesn't need to wait to be converted since it actually IS allicin. When ALLIMAX enters your stomach it dissolves for easy absorption into the blood stream and breaks down to form allicin derivatives. The allicin in ALLIMAX likes the acid environment of your stomach, unlike other supplements that can be inactivated by acidic conditions. 

AlliMax Neutraceuticals uses garlic from the beautiful lands of Spain.


AlliMax capsules contain 180 mg / capusle of stabilized Allisure® allicin powder – natures’ anti-microbial agent. This means that AlliMax capsules can be used to help resolve conditions with a bacterial, fungal or viral cause. 


Uses include:

  • First sign of a cold, during a cold and/or after for faster recovery 

  • Stomach virus or stomach upset from food

  • Help fight infections (bacterial, viral, yeast)

  • Gut issues


Dosage can be increased by taking 2 capsules (180 mg x 2) at a time. 


Allimax Rescue Spray contains Allisure AC-23.

100% Allicin with Peppermint Leaf Oil added for flavor.

Allimax Rescue Spray contains Allisure AC-23 stabilized allicin is made from fresh, raw garlic.

DIRECTIONS: Spray once in mouth and swallow. Use as often as desired or as directed by your health care professional. 

Allimed-60-capsules 2.jpg

Allimed capsules contain 450 mg/capusle of stabilized Allisure® allicin powder – natures’ anti-microbial agent. This means that Allimed capsules can be used to help resolve any condition with a bacterial, fungal or viral cause. 


AlliMed (formerly called AlliMax Pro) is the most potent and purest dose of allicin on the market! 

Uses include:

  • Cold / Flu

  • Stomach virus or food poisening

  • Bacterial infections

  • Viral infections

  • Yeast

  • Gut Issues


Allimax's Allicin infused supplements can help reduce the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Flu, Chest Infections, and Lyme disease.