Premium D-Mannose

Our high quality D-Mannose can be part of a regimen to prevent and recover from UTIs by fighting E. Coli bacteria and promoting urinary balance and function.

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How D-Mannose Works

D-Mannose is a natural, key product for promoting bladder support. D-Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar that works against the most common UTI-causing E. Coli bacteria.

Proudly Sourced & Packaged in the USA

A Gentle & Effective Solution for UTI Prevention

D-Mannose provides a preferred surface for the E. Coli bacteria to attach to, preventing them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and bladder. The E. Coli bacteria are then removed from the body during urination.

WCM D-Mannose
Natural UTI Prevention

Our goal is to create D-Mannose supplements that everyone can take, including those with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Ingredients such as cranberry, vitamin B6, vitamin C and citric acid can be irritating to an already sensitive bladder. Our D-Mannose provides a natural solution for UTI prevention.

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For your convenience our D-Mannose is available in both Powder & Tablet form.

The Powder gets to the bladder faster since it does not have to be broken down by the body, and the Tablets are excellent for travel.

US Orders are Shipped via USPS and Typically Arrive in 3-5 Business Days.

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Our Quality Guarantee

From raw material to the packaged product, we adhere to the highest quality standards. 

100% Pure Non-GMO D-Mannose Powder. 

Vegan and naturally free of: gluten, dairy, soy and yeast. 

Powder & Tablets are Packaged in California in a current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) facility.

Sourced using a safe and sustainable technology in an ISO 9001 facility.  Pharmaceutical grade and physician approved.

NEW: Our Powder is sourced from the first-ever US D-Mannose sourcing facility!

Tablet ingredients are sourced from the EU.



How to Take

D-Mannose Powder is easily mixed with water and has a mildly sweet taste. It is NOT mint flavored. Tablets are taken with water but are not dissolved in water like the powder. D-Mannose can be taken with or without food.

When to Take

D-Mannose can be taken daily and especially around triggering events, such as intimacy, exercise and travel.

What to Take

Take 1-2 grams 1 to 3 times daily and/or around triggering events or as directed by your healthcare professional.

500 mg can also be a good therapeutic dose but please discuss with a qualified healthcare professional.

Dosage Info

D-Mannose Powder

Each jar contains a Net Weight of 50 grams. Due to naturally occurring density variations with pure D-Mannose powder, each batch may have slightly different dosage instructions using the included scoop. This is to ensure that you are taking the recommended 1-2 gram dose.

D-Mannose Tablets

Our D-Mannose Tablets contain 1 Full Gram / Tablet, which makes them an excellent option for travel. They are scored in the center if you need to cut them in half for smaller doses. 

Consumer Tip: Always check the Supplement Facts Box on the label to confirm serving size. For example, some products that indicate a quantity of 120 capsules may only contain 500 mg/capsule so you would need 2-4 capsules for one dose. This would mean you are getting 30-60 servings -- not 120. 

Sourcing Matters

Not all D-Mannose is Created Equal & We Do Not Compromise on Quality.

We believe in transparency and the importance of sourcing to the overall quality of the product. 

Often companies use words such as manufacturing/made to highlight where the product is packaged. Critically, the sourcing of the ingredients for that product is often left unsaid. The FDA only require companies to disclose where the product was packaged/made or manufactured. Our goal is to be transparent in an otherwise unregulated industry. We never source our D-Mannose from China, which is where the majority is produced, even though many labels indicate "Made in the USA" because it was packaged there. We find this to be so misleading and that consumers deserve better. 


Sourcing in regulated locations such as the USA and EU ensures adherence to the highest quality standards for extraction methods and obtaining the purest product. The highest quality D-Mannose is sourced from the EU and only very recently in the USA!

How do you know if your D-Mannose is Sourced from the USA/EU or China?

Pure Powder: USA & EU Sourced D-Mannose Powder has a 2 year shelf-life from the date of manufacture. D-Mannose that is sourced from China has a 3 year shelf-life. 

Tablets: Tablets made from EU (and soon to be USA) Sourced D-Mannose have a 3 year shelf-life from the date of manufacture since they are further preserved by the tableting process. This makes it harder to determine the sourcing country of origin but up until late 2020 there was no such thing as USA Sourced D-Mannose. 

Wholesale & Distribution

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"West Coast Mint's D-Mannose is hands down the best on the market.  I have seen great results when I use this with my patients.  The biggest factor for me is quality and this company gives me peace of mind as they are diligent with their sourcing and do not compromise."

- Dr. Marc Sklar, Clinical Director & Founder, 

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